About Us

Our Why

Boston Breakthrough Academy exists to paint possibilities.

Pure and simple.

We believe that all is possible for those who dare to dream it, declare it, and pursue their dreams in committed action. Once we get out of our own way, it is amazing what is possible for us and the world. This is a vision we have had independently for many years. And now we have the opportunity to come together to paint possibilities with leaders to be in massive contribution.

This work matters.

We bleed red with the Red Sox, green with the Celtics. We are excited about making this happen and are passionate about it and about you.

Meet our Founders

Michael Strasner, Cofounder and Resident Trainer

Michael grew up in and started this work in Boston 30 years ago.

Boston is my home. Having the opportunity to learn this extraordinary curriculum in my hometown was a honor and a privilege. In the early days, while I was in training and developing my coaching skills, there was no space for comfort, convenience or complacency. In the beginning, it didn’t matter how many hours we worked or how much we got paid, what truly mattered, was being in service to people and the thrill of coaching them to create and achieve the life of their dreams. What did It take? Everything and anything.

In our leadership trainings, I see the challenges that people face every week and I’m passionately committed to making a real and substantial difference in their lives. I see insecure people gain their voice. I see emotionally disconnected people come alive. I see people with low self worth declare their value. I see people shift from being trapped inside a box to breaking free. I see people step into true ownership of their gifts.

This work is about changing lives - ultimately it is about what can be created through leadership, partnership and transformation. An unimaginable life where people are genuinely excited to rise out of bed in the morning with the confidence, passion and courage to break through to the highest level of living. Giving generously of themselves and creating a life with no regrets!”

Candace graduated from this work a year ago and it has completely changed her life. 
I have been a very controlling person for most of my life and it served me very well up until now, but as my husband and I are bringing a baby into the world and starting our family, I learned that those ways aren’t serving me anymore.  This work of transformation has shown me that I get to live a life of love and contribution and caring and listening to others, and that if all I do is accomplish my personal goals, I haven’t made the world a better place for my child.  I’m so grateful for this experience and I’ll continue to come back and contribute over and over again because I realize that this type of work can change the world.”
Candace Sjogren, Cofounder and Center Director