Level 1


Course Description

The Discovery Training is the first in a series of three modules designed for students to achieve peak performance and build leadership skills.  Before we can lead, we must first understand where we are starting from – how we are showing up today – and determine if this way of living our lives still serves us as we look to grow and improve in our lives.

The purpose of the Discovery Training is to introduce you to how you are showing up in your life and in the world. The multi-faceted curriculum will illuminate how you react to challenging situations, triggers from peers, superiors and subordinates, and where you land on the trust continuum.

This three-day immersive experience beings on Friday mid-morning and generally lasts until midnight on both Friday and Saturday.  Sunday starts by mid-morning and ends by 8pm to allow for travel arrangements on Sunday evening.

When attending the Discovery Training, you can expect to experience independent journaling and meditation, one on one and small group workshops, team exercises and movement. Please dress comfortably.

Class #4 Dates (IP)

  • Level 3 - October 9 - 11
  • Level 3 - November 20 - 22

Class #5 Dates (Virtual)

  • Level 1 - September 11 - 13
  • Level 2 - October 1 - 4
  • Level 3 - October 16 - 18
  • Level 3 - November 13 - 15
  • Level 3 - January 8 - 10

Class #6 Dates (IP)

  • Level 1 - October 23 - 25
  • Level 2 - November 12 - 15
  • Level 3 - December 4 - 6
  • Level 3 - January 22 - 24
  • Level 3 - February 19 - 21

Class #7 Dates (Virtual)

  • Level 1 - December 4 - 6
  • Level 2 - December 10-13
  • Level 3 - January 8 - 10
  • Level 3 - February 5 - 7
  • Level 3 - March 19 - 21
Our Specialties

Level 1 Key Concepts

  • Building self awareness
  • Identifying patterns that hold you back
  • Differentiating between the position of Victim versus Responsibility
  • Living from a position of choice
  • Uncovering vision
  • Tracking where results come from and how to shift
  • Giving and receiving feedback regarding barriers and strengths you see in others
  • Building teamwork and defining success as a team
  • Exploring integrity and accountability with your word
  • Experiencing fun, joy and excitement
Our Specialties

Outcomes You Will Achieve from Level 1

  • Tools and techniques for connecting with people in a way that builds trust, mutual respect, and understanding
  • A framework for repositioning painful emotions so they no longer hold you back. - you'll learn how to perform at your best in high-pressure situations even if you typically feel crippled by fear or anxiety
  • A ten-minute exercise that will change how you think about - and execute against - your to-do list
  • The Be-Do-Have formula for declaring and delivering on any goal you have in your life
  • An understanding of why vulnerability matters as a leader, and how to demonstrate it in a way that inspires and elevates the people around you

The big lesson I took away was that I had a lot of conversations going on in my head and heart that I didn’t pay attention to, and that really shaped by behavior. Level 1 got me to pay attention to those for the first time.

Andrew - 35 Cambridge, MA

Level 1 Itinerary

This three-day immersive experience begins on a Friday mid-morning and generally lasts until midnight on Friday and Saturday nights.  Sunday will end by 9pm to allow for travel arrangements on Sunday evening. There will be a graduation on Sunday. Friends and family are welcome to attend, and many do. The doors will open at 7:30pm and graduation will begin at approximately at 8:00pm.

If traveling to join our program, we do ask you to block off each of the dates, as full participation is required to graduate from each of the three levels.


10am  Registration begins

11-midnight* Course Work


11-midnight* Course Work


11-7:30* Course Work

8:00pm  Graduation

*end times are approximate 


Boston Breakthrough Academy’s core curriculum is structured in three distinct levels. Tuition covers Levels 1 and 2, while Level 3 is offered on an invitation basis, dependent upon performance in the first two levels.

Invitation to participate in Level 3 is no additional cost and includes a special all-inclusive third weekend experience.

Levels 1 & 2

Level 3