Level 2


Course Description

Training is built upon the lessons from Discovery and is intended to challenge you to move past your limiting beliefs and into being a powerful and influential contribution to the world.  In order to move past the ways of being that have held you back so far, you first have the opportunity to interrupt your old patterns, get to the core of where your fears and behaviors began, and make a conscious choice to redesign yourself. 

The purpose of the Breakthrough Training is to create a life worth living. To declare a vision and possibility for your life that you are passionately committed to creating. Through an intense exercise of giving and receiving feedback, emotional release and authentic self expression you can breakthrough the barriers you identified during your discovery training. By moving past those limitations you will see a direct impact in your personally and professionally.

This four-day experience begins on a Thursday mid-morning and generally lasts until midnight on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Sunday will end by 8pm to allow for travel arrangements on Sunday evening.

When attending the Breakthrough Training, you can expect to experience spontaneous opportunity to lead teams, cathartic meditation, group feedback exercises, improvisation, and artistic expression.  Please dress comfortably

Class #4 Dates (IP)

  • Level 3 - October 9 - 11
  • Level 3 - November 20 - 22

Class #5 Dates (Virtual)

  • Level 1 - September 11 - 13
  • Level 2 - October 1 - 4
  • Level 3 - October 16 - 18
  • Level 3 - November 13 - 15
  • Level 3 - January 8 - 10

Class #6 Dates (IP)

  • Level 1 - October 23 - 25
  • Level 2 - November 12 - 15
  • Level 3 - December 4 - 6
  • Level 3 - January 22 - 24
  • Level 3 - February 19 - 21

Class #7 Dates (Virtual)

  • Level 1 - December 4 - 6
  • Level 2 - December 10 - 13
  • Level 3 - January 8 - 10
  • Level 3 - February 5 - 7
  • Level 3 - March 19 - 21
Our Specialties

Level 2 Key Concepts

  • Revisiting painful experiences from the past and redesigning unhelpful behaviors or patterns that resulted from it
  • Giving and receiving honest, direct and effective feedback
  • Learning to forgive self and others
  • Creating heightened self-worth, self-confidence, and personal power
  • Letting go of past experiences and interpretations holding you back
  • Living as your word, honoring your commitments to self and others
  • Stretching beyond the comfort zone and expressing authentic aspects of you which previously were being held back
  • Building accountability measures for achieving vision and declarations
Our Specialties

Outcomes You Will Achieve from Level 2

  • Clarity on vision for current and future life
  • Transform your relationship with fear and shifting into a space of courage and possibility using one very powerful tool
  • Gain the ability to speak extemporaneously - How to deliver your message from the heart without needing to know exactly what you're going to say
  • Understand why human beings develop blind spots and how to become aware of them so they no longer hold you back, self coaching
  • No longer be held back by what other people think about you
  • Inspire loyalty, trust, and love, and compassion in all your relationships
  • Create passion, power and freedom in all aspects of your personal and professional life

Level 2 was one of the most empowering experiences of my life. After discovering what was holding me back, this was like going down to the core, facing those things, and breaking through them. It was like getting wings and starting to fly.”

Pedro - 38 Los Angeles, CA

Level 2 Itinerary

This four-day experience begins on a Thursday mid-morning and generally lasts until midnight on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Sunday will end by 8pm to allow for travel arrangements on Sunday evening.

If traveling to join our program, we do ask you to block off each of the dates, as full participation is required to graduate from each of the three levels.


11am  Registration begins

12-midnight* Course Work


12-midnight* Course Work


10-midnight* Course Work


11-7:00* Course Work

7:00pm  Graduation

*end times are approximate 


Boston Breakthrough Academy’s core curriculum is structured in three distinct levels. Tuition covers Levels 1 and 2, while Level 3 is offered on an invitation basis, dependent upon performance in the first two levels.

Invitation to participate in Level 3 is no additional cost and includes a special all-inclusive third weekend experience.

Levels 1 & 2

Level 3