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The Mastering Leadership Program (MLP) is our most elite group-training program and is for leaders of all kinds: entrepreneurs, coaches, executives, officers, community leaders, teachers, trainers, inspirational speakers, presenters, and anyone dedicated to creating an extraordinary impact in their lives and the world.

MLP is designed for Leadership graduates who have demonstrated a high level of achievement and accomplishment and who are committed to developing themselves as change agents in the world to make a profound difference. MLP is an in-depth, highly rigorous, six-month program where participants will be trained in emotional intelligence, the art of facilitating workshops, and the distinctions of the mastery of leadership.

MLP is an opportunity to master the pillars of leadership, the art of redesign, reinvention and communicating with impact.

MLP is rigor, excellence, passion, excitement, fun, breakdown, breakthrough, risk, commitment, urgency, and transformation.  It is an opportunity to discover, unlock, and exercise your potential as a master leader. Each student will be accepted based on their demonstrated commitment to transformation, excellence, and results.

Upon completion of MLP, each student will receive a formal evaluation and recommendations for further development. Graduation in excellence from MLP is a prerequisite for becoming a Trainer Intern, though does not constitute a guarantee of being accepted as an intern.

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