Level 3


Course Description

The Leadership Training is an intensive three-month curriculum that is designed to create a high level of commitment  to building lifelong habits that will support you in achieving elevated levels of excellence, productivity, and focus, improved emotional intelligence, and transformed relationships.
What separates Level 3 from level 1 and 2 is real tangible results. The purpose of Level 3 is to stand as the source of a transformed world. To take the tools, insights and breakthroughs you’ve gained in the first two levels and apply them in your life. You will be coached and guided to set clear and specific extraordinary goals for the main areas in your personal and professional life. You will be challenged to make bold declarations, and held accountable to follow through and execute. As a leader, you will also be trained in the art of enrollment – learning how to inspire and evoke the visions and dreams of other people and empowering them to take committed action to make it a reality.
This three-month experience includes three separate training weekends, ongoing one-on-one life coaching, small group and large group coaching, practicing the art of enrollment, a personal strategic plan and community focused activities including a large-scale community service project. 
The Boston Breakthrough Academy invests into each student’s leadership potential with ongoing and individualized coaching. As an exchange and opportunity to demonstrate Leadership, one enrollment into the work of transformation is required to graduate from Level 3. The third weekend is an all-expenses paid retreat which will serve as an important element of graduation.
When participating in the Leadership Training, you can expect to experience undirected opportunity to lead teams, cathartic meditation, group feedback exercises, improvisation, opportunities for artistic expression, and one on one and small group coaching.  You will be asked to dress business casual throughout this training.
Please note after you’ve completed the Level 1 and Level 2 courses, you’ll have the opportunity to choose to take part in Level 3. Your tuition for Level 1 and Level 2 includes participation in Level 3. Should you choose into the Leadership Training, you will not be charged any additional tuition fees. Participation in the Leadership Training is extended as an open invitation after completing Levels 1 & 2 because Level 3 is for individuals who are committed to integrating the work of transformation into their everyday lives.

Class #4 Dates (IP)

  • Level 3 - October 9 - 11
  • Level 3 - November 20 - 22

Class #5 Dates (Virtual)

  • Level 1 - September 11- 13
  • Level 2 - October 1 - 4
  • Level 3 - October 16 - 18
  • Level 3 - November 13 - 15
  • Level 3 - January 8 - 10

Class #6 Dates (IP)

  • Level 1 - October 23 - 25
  • Level 2 - November 12 - 15
  • Level 3 - December 4 - 6
  • Level 3 - January 22 - 24
  • Level 3 - February 19 - 21

Class #7 Dates (Virtual)

  • Level 1 - December 4 - 6
  • Level 2 - December 10 - 12
  • Level 3 - January 8 - 10
  • Level 3 - February 5 - 7
  • Level 3 - March 19 - 21
Our Specialties

Level 3 Key Concepts

  • Empowering and Inspiring others to discover their own visions
  • Differentiating and exhibiting the key distinctions of effective leaders
  • Giving and generosity
  • Learning rigor, committed action and urgency
  • Creating team unity in high-stress and tight-deadline environments
  • Walking the talk
  • Operating from responsibility and accountability with declarations, commitments and agreements
  • Owning your results
  • Learning your own leadership style, operating system and how to empower people with differing personality styles
  • Handling interpersonal challenges and conflicts
  • Living what you learned in Level 1 and Level 2 in all aspects of your life, personally and professionally

Leadership is a choice and life is an enrollment game. In order to be an effective leader in the world, you get to master being enrolling in possibilities. One of the things I got to break through is not being a lone wolf. I’m a recovering lone wolf, and I got to work as a team on a community service project to serve our community and be in contribution.

Zina - 39 New Jersey

Level 3 Itinerary

The Level 3 Leadership Training has three separate three day weekends.  The first weekend and second weekend begin on Friday evening at 7pm and will go to approximately midnight, Saturday until 10am until approximately midnight and Sunday 10am until approximately 8pm.  The third weekend, is a retreat weekend, and it will begin Friday morning at approximately 8am and it will complete on Sunday at approximately 8pm. There will be a graduation on Sunday after the third weekend is complete, friends and family are welcome to attend, and many do. This graduation will occur after 8pm

If traveling to join our program, we do ask you to block off each of the dates, as full participation is required to graduate from each of the three levels.

Weekend 1

Friday 7pm – Sunday 8pm

Weekend 2

Friday 7pm – Sunday 8pm

Weekend 3

Friday 10am – Sunday 8pm


*end times are approximate 


Boston Breakthrough Academy’s core curriculum is structured in three distinct levels. Tuition covers Levels 1 and 2, while Level 3 is offered on an invitation basis, dependent upon performance in the first two levels.

Invitation to participate in Level 3 is no additional cost and includes a special all-inclusive third weekend experience.

Levels 1 & 2

Level 3