Experiential learning has been a growing field of academic study in recent years. The difference between understanding the concept behind something and applying what you know in real-world, high-pressure situations cannot be understated. It’s the difference between reading a driver’s ed. manual and learning all the “rules to the road” and driving in dense inner-city […]

Why is emotional intelligence important in business? In a study that involved over 2,600 hiring managers, 71% said they value high EQ over high IQ. When asked why, they cited the following reasons: High EQ employees stay calm under pressure. balance when they listen and when they speak. lead by example. make thoughtful business decisions. […]

People do business with people they trust and like. Any successful business and/or career is built in relationship with others. Understanding how people work, what makes them tick, and how to effectively motivate and inspire those around you is essential to any business endeavor, and every satisfying relationship. “The definition of leadership has been changing, […]