Have you ever felt judged and criticized? Perhaps you feel misunderstood and are looking for ways to communicate with others. Enroll Today! About this Event How would your life change, if you; were 100% confident in your communication, knew other people heard and understood what you wanted to say received feedback from others positively for […]

B3 is comprised of 30 students, men and women from Boston and throughout the U.S. who had one common vision in mind, to create a world of love, connection, courage, acceptance, and integrity. Read more…

250+ leaders from around the globe come together to ground, connect, and explore ways to move together in unity Boston Breakthrough Academy, a leadership development program offering emotional intelligence training to adults in the Boston area, announced today that it organized and co-hosted the Global Transformation of Race summit in response to the death of […]

CURRENT RISK LEVEL: MASSACHUSETTS: Right now, there are six (6) confirmed and eighty-nine (89) presumptive positive cases of the virus in Massachusetts, where our center is located – Suffolk County, there are nineteen (19) presumptive positive cases.. For More information, go to: COVID-19 Cases, Quarantine and Monitoring CORONAVIRUS ANNOUNCEMENT: In the wake of the spread […]