What is ‘Self-Exploration?’ Have you heard the term spoken in passing? Have you ever taken the time to understand what it means? Enroll Today! About this Event Self-Exploration is coming to terms with one’s inner being and grasping the concept of source. Within us is infinite power. We see that the world is not the […]

Have you ever felt judged and criticized? Perhaps you feel misunderstood and are looking for ways to communicate with others. Enroll Today! About this Event How would your life change, if you; were 100% confident in your communication, knew other people heard and understood what you wanted to say received feedback from others positively for […]

CURRENT RISK LEVEL: MASSACHUSETTS: Right now, there are six (6) confirmed and eighty-nine (89) presumptive positive cases of the virus in Massachusetts, where our center is located – Suffolk County, there are nineteen (19) presumptive positive cases.. For More information, go to: COVID-19 Cases, Quarantine and Monitoring CORONAVIRUS ANNOUNCEMENT: In the wake of the spread […]

BBA’s Breakthrough trainings have proven to be among the most effective experiential strategies for graduates. Key metrics for graduates of our curriculum are as follows: Median age:  45 60% female 43% from MA Occupations:   Attorney - 2% Business Owner - 15% Consultant - 21% COO - 9% CFO - 9% Human Resource Manager - […]

Experiential learning has been a growing field of academic study in recent years. The difference between understanding the concept behind something and applying what you know in real-world, high-pressure situations cannot be understated. It’s the difference between reading a driver’s ed. manual and learning all the “rules to the road” and driving in dense inner-city […]

Why is emotional intelligence important in business? In a study that involved over 2,600 hiring managers, 71% said they value high EQ over high IQ. When asked why, they cited the following reasons: High EQ employees stay calm under pressure. balance when they listen and when they speak. lead by example. make thoughtful business decisions. […]